CNC Machining

We manufacture elements that must meet high quality requirements, we focus on precision and short response time to inquiries. We machine aluminium, steel, PP, ABS, etc. Elements are made of our own and entrusted material. Our high volume CNC machining capability allows our company to service a variety of applications at remarkable cycle time and efficiencies



Workpiece dimensions: 1500 x 800 mm

Machining range: X:900 Y:650 Z:650



Maximum diameter: 400mm
Maximum length: 1000mm

High surface quality


Electrical Discharge Machining

Best-in-class Mitsubishi equipment

Workpiece dimensions:
350 x 250 x 220 mm


3D Printing

Mainly ABS, PLA and iglidur®, but also any other brand available on the market.

Our specialties

Valuation of the project based on input data

Manufacturing of parts

Based on the Documentation / Drawing / Drawing parts from the customer

Technological equipment

Extensive experience in the design and regeneration of existing solutions allows us to eliminate the weakest points of this type of construction

  Reverse Engineering allows you to reduce the costs of expensive foreign constructions and to correct construction errors

Injection and thermoforming moulds

CNC obróbka metalu

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Design Office

The CRprint design office deals with designing and consulting in the field of precision engineering, tooling design and mold design

Engineering problem solving

From design through documentation to installation at the customer’s site

Project Consulting

Assistance in the selection of materials and in the selection of heat treatment and surface treatment

Designing the thermoforming moulds

Material selection, mold design, CAE verification

Reverse Engineering

We reproduce and improve instruments available on the market and provide documentation and generate editable models

About our Company

CRprint is engaged in a wide range of metal and plastic processing, design and engineering services. Our services include individual contractors as well as the automorive and aerospace industries.

Contact with us

We answer your inquiries 6 days a week!